Thank You!

This is truly a moment of happiness for me. It is because my blog just got 1000+ views in total!

This number might be small to all the prolific bloggers out there. It is a big one for me because when I started to write on this blog, I thought nobody would pay a hint of notice but as time passed people wrote things on my posts that pushed me further to write more.

This is basically a huge thank you to all the followers and many others who take the time to read what I write. The thing about writers on WordPress is that we crave originality and only when we find something original, we read it.

The main purpose why I started to write was because I wanted my posts to make a difference. Even if a couple of my words can make you feel better, that’s all ask for.

I do not want to drag this post for too long, so once again thank you all so much. Hopefully, this is just the beginning in the long run in writing.


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