Get Inspired #4

The desire to dream is in each and every one of us. The desire to grow. It’s not just us, every living species has the instinct to grow. It’s is the way of life.

But for us growth doesn’t always have to be about growing in height. It’s about growing out of your shell. Thinking out of the box and being unique. With every step we grow, our results bears fruits.

Everything is impossible until someone comes and makes it possible. Man once used to think the world was flat and that we would fall down once we got to the edge. Someone came and proved that wrong. We used to think the ground was the limit and that there was no going up, then someone came and left the barren grounds into the sky. There was a time when we only had our feet and animals to move around, then a revolution happened and changed everything.

There was a time when we thought that only the sky is the limit and there was no going beyond it. But there was more, sky wasn’t the limit for us. We went farther and farther above into the vast expansion. Now we think only mars is the limit. When will the time come when our solar system is just a walk in the park? When growth and the desire to dream is endless. With every limit we break, there is another limit put upon us that is waiting to be broken.

Obstacles are put forward for them to be broken, a baby falls down to get back up. We grow by falling. With every fault we make!,our experience grows along with it. Mistakes shape us.

There will be a time when there is no obstacle for us as we have achieved everything. Eternity will be waiting.


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