Take a time machine back to millions of years in the past. It was a time when man rode T-rexes and saw the world through its eyes.

When man saw the fire as a miracle, When survival was everything. When they lived in caves and forests and their limits were to the forest’s boundary.

When man thought the earth had edges and we would fall off the edge if we went too close. When our thoughts of imagination and creativity were limited to an edge.
Time went by, people came and people went. We thought and we died. But nobody dreamed. Nobody dreamed as great as time itself. When their thoughts were limited to the sky.

When man thought that the sky was the limit and that it was impossible to reach it. Then we did what was once impossible. We left the grounds of this barren earth into the horizon, gliding past the clouds and the winds. But we thought this was it. There is no more to go up to.

When man thought, sky was the limit and exploration beyond that is impossible, then came a time when we blasted through the different spheres out of the earth.

Now man thinks that space in our comfort zone is the limit and that going beyond that zone is impossible.

When will a time come where space is just like a end of the forest or a road or the sky? Something so normal. A time where space becomes so common that we take strolls in different galaxies, waiting to get stopped by another obstacle that is waiting to be accomplished.

What is beyond space? When will man finally realise that with every step he takes, with every goal he reaches or with every milestone he accomplishes, there is more waiting just to be conquered.

When will a time come when we have finally reached the end and there is nothing beyond it? Time will tell.

*Dedicated to a friend whose thoughts are far beyond her age*


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