Get Inspired #3

There are certain times when we feel lost. When the time goes ahead leaving you behind. Everything around you changes except yourself.

We face situations like this once in a while. Some face it on a daily basis. When the need to free yourself is greater than moving ahead.

We make decisions that we think are the best for us and later we realise that it has tripped us over.
All of our systems break down in disappointment because the choice that we thought was the best for us has let us down.

At times like this people forget to breathe. When they are so consumed in remorse or guilt or confusion that they forget to see the bigger picture, the outcome.

This is the period of evolving. When the human mind evolves into something it wasn’t before. Through experiences and falls, our perception changes for good or for worse. The way we think and we react is all because of the outcomes of the choices we once made.

The true definition of present is the repercussions of the past.

You only have three options when you’re at this point.
1) Move forward
2) Continue you to be lost, as you’re body and mind is some how attracted towards all of this
3) Take the easy way out.

The way how we get through this is purely in our hands. Whether it’s self realisation or help from someone or distracting your mind from the hard truth.

But one thing that we know but don’t see it happening is that, time heals everything. Whether it takes weeks or months or years, time heals everything.

It’s a slow process obviously. Through daily routines and new quests, we slowly put the past where it belongs to be.

But one thing that always gets me is that, no matter how long it takes, the scar will always be there. The depth of the scar depends on how much the repercussions has affected you.

A scar that reminds you of the battles you fought and the proof of your survival instinct and change.


5 thoughts on “Get Inspired #3

  1. Absolutely! Very well written.
    & yes
    The scar will always be there, agree with you, but had it not been for the scar, one would have never changed for good.
    The scar is the one which changes one to a star. From thereon it’s only about shining bright… However, the dark nights be. The star finds its way!

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