With every tear and with every drop of sweat and with every drop of blood.

When the world is drenched by its sins and crimes. When the sinners sin beyond human capacity.

When babies are born they cry to show their presence.

But the kids today cry because nobody can notice their presence.

When the world burns itself down trying to modernise.

When all the people stand and just watch all the sins around them.

All they say is make a change, but nobody wants to get up and take a stance.

Is it because of the fear of being crushed or because of the sense hostility? I do not know.

When mothers carry their children on their arms and walk miles just to fetch a bucket of water.

When the sun sets and the moon rises or when the sun rises and the moon is hidden.

Or when the baby keeps falling down just to get back up.

It’s how the world works. It is how we work.

To get up, you must learn to fall down.

To stand, you must fall. Because you’ll know how falling feels.

Whether the fall scars or strengthens you is purely in your hands.

People live a blindfolded life. The only thing that they can see is through the pores of the cloth.

The world is masked because we choose to.

The moment you take your blindfold off, everything changes.

It’s all about realising your place in this labyrinth of the world.

Where people search for fulfilment and die without finding it.

The only way you’re going to get off the maze is if all the people guide each other through the maze that we built.

The only way is if we realise that we’re humans and we have a purpose far beyond our imagination can serve.


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