Reach For The Stars

We look out of the window on a cold night dreaming about the life that we want to lead.

Filled with thoughts and imagination, we’re paralysed by the illusion of our dreams even though it hasn’t happened.

Everyone has some sort of image of themselves in the future that they want to build their way up to. Unless you’re a stoner, then well being stoned is on the top of your list.

Despite the possibility of it not happening, we continue to dream. We set our goals and we work towards them and with a hope that nothing will go wrong possibly.

Some just go with flow while others jetpack their way through the crowd ahead of the flow, while some take a whole new route.

We’re provided with the circumstances and the outcome is on the basis of perception and realisation.

The messed up thing is that people are so blinded by the silhouette of their future that they forget the present that they need embrace to enhance the silhouette of dreams.

Some are unfortunate as the circumstances to make their dreams come true are not provided while there are others who just don’t give a darn. Literally.   


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