Get Inspired #2

You’re beautiful. We all lack some sort of self respect. We lack this due to the society.

We are concerned about the society’s perception towards us and we fail to look at ourselves.

We imitate the people who are considered socially ‘acceptable’ and we’re still looked down upon for everything. They say be yourself, but they won’t let you to be yourself.

The only way the society is going to change is if you’re going to change your opinion of yourself. There’s only so much intimidating they can do to you before they can give up.

No matter how flawed you’re according to yourself, just accept yourself and realize the fact that there is no one like you out there who is so diverse and perfect like you. We’re all given certain gifts and certain chains that hold us back. It is truly up to you to break your chains and set yourself free.

In the modern time, there is nobody who can keep reminding you on how perfect you are, it’s because people are busy. They are busy with their own lives, their own agendas and dreams. It’s up to you to pick up your crown and place it back on your head.

There is a difference between being cocky and being humble. When you truly accept yourself, it’s not about dominating others with the fact on how perfect you are. At the end you have to remind yourself that like everyone you too are flawed.

The biggest point is to stay genuine. Trying look socially un-accepted just for attention is not worth it. It’s basically making yourself look worthless. The moment people find out you’re faking it, you’re social life is over.

Try to accept and live with the positive circumstances you’re given rather than to look at everyone around you and comparing the scenarios.

We’re all different stories written by the same author.


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