Lost In Loss

When you lose something you cannot replace, your mind is driven to a state of absolute loss.

Just like that, the person who meant everything to you is taken away from you in a heartbeat.

The human mind is consumed with dismay and chaos. So we’re first consumed with emptiness and then the feelings kick in.

It’s a state of survival. The brain prepares the body for what’s about to happen.

The sudden release of hormones, the physical abuse and the mental breakdown are all part of the package.

We become stronger with the falls we take. The thing is we don’t know that we’re strong until there is a situation that makes us show our true self.

There are three things that changes a person. Death, heartbreak from a true love and humiliation.

Humans pretend to be tough. But we’re only strong to a certain extent. Deep down, we’re still young and fragile. Through time, this slowly hardens but never fully.

We got to understand that we all have a breaking point. The point of no hope. There is only so much the human mind can take. When you’re traumatised constantly, there is a point when you get used to it or have a complete meltdown.
Over time you keep taking in all this pain and at one point, you got to let it out. It will kill you if you don’t.

We travel down a path which has no direction. The end is out there somewhere. But the path is hostile. The path is more of a trial to inner discovery rather than a challenge or an obstacle. It all depends on your perceptive behaviour.

With every breath, with every tear, with every pump of the heart, with every fall. This is what makes us human.


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