Change Has Changed

We’re all children of this world.

Driven forward by our dreams.

And held back by our past.

Where there is a struggle to move on, rather than to move forward.

Where we’re haunted by the visions of our past.

When lovers and haters trap us in this void.

We realize the lovers are the haters.

We search endlessly through the void inside our heads.

Trying to find someone who we can hold on to.

Like a sloth to a tree.

Someone to believe and love.

When they said follow your dreams,

And when you finally did, they said try something else.

With every step forward,

We get pushed two steps backwards.

When we sway away along with winds of time,

Trying to find a way back in to reality.

When the void becomes uncontrollable,

When the rage becomes greater than love,

When the need for pain is greater than the need for the killer,

We stare at the mirror and We realize,

We’re not the people who we thought we were.

Not anymore.

Everything has changed.

And so have we.


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