Get Inspired #1

Do what you love and love what you do and work hard to your fullest potential. We all love dreaming don’t we? All of our fantasies comes alive when we dream, when we shut the world behind our eye lids.

But sometimes our dreaming gets in the way of our reality. We want things to happen but we’re not willing to go out and get it. In this world, things just don’t happen. They only happen when you go ahead and go get them.

We work but not hard enough, we put the effort in small numbers and expect the outcome to be planetary in size. The work you do defines the outcome and your passion.

If you want a job that requires staying in the office for 12 hours and that has no time for yourself but you’re willing to do it just because someone told you to, then there is somewhere you need to backtrack. People usually follow the money. Money speaks. Money is equivalent to God. We choose a high paying job over a job you love. We choose money over passion.

When we were small we were dreaming of so many things. Our horizon was filled with possibilities and when you grew up, you realized it’s not possible. You can’t become a superhero. But you can become a superhero in your own way. By being a superhero to your kid or by helping someone out. I’m pretty sure superman loves flying around. He did get Lois Lane though.

When you do something you love, it doesn’t really matter how much money you earn. But it is by earning satisfaction for the work you do. Work hard but not work blindly. Work hard but work smartly.

Follow your heart and breathe. The most important thing is to breathe. People get choked up in their own agenda and fail to breathe. Finally, when everything is done, go and get a goodnight sleep.

*I’ll be making these ‘Get Inspired’ posts, a little adrenaline for your life*


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