Gray Winters

The cold embrace chills your bone beyond point of no warmth. Every breeze that blows across the horizon reminds you of your past. When you walked the same path but things were different then. When the winter solace numbs your senses and you’re paralyzed beyond movement. Your tears get frozen before they even hit the ground and you can see your panic attacks forming a mist in front of you. When people describe winter they say it’s white. But it’s gray. Like the clouds. I have always loved the winter but like everything, love doesn’t last forever. When the eyes are blinded by the fog, you try walk through without realizing what is ahead. When the dew leads you through. The air makes your mind reminisce. Reminisce to a point when the cold made you happy but now they bring forgotten memories that were once thought forgotten and buried. The time when death enters your lungs and takes over your body. When your mind is numb and you thrive for heat like a recovering addict.  When the cold consumes you and when the sun seems like it’s gone forever and when all hope seems lost and when you know that you’re at the point of no return. Things change. A ray of light guides you home. Guides you through the fog when lost hope becomes hope. Then finally, the sun rises.


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