Why were we created?

Why do we live?

What is the point of the cosmos?

Who created us?

Is there a creator?

Who created the creator?

Who created the creator who created the creator? (Creatorception)

How were we created?

How far is the universe?

What is at the edge of the universe?

What is beyond the universe?

Are there other universes?

Why are there other planets?

Is there life out there?

When will we finally leave earth?

Are other humans out there who wonder the same about us?

What is the point of the Big Bang?

How did the Big Bang Happen?

What caused the spark?

What if each solar system is an atom? The planets are the electrons and the sun is the nucleus?

What if humans all have special capabilities but our brain does not know how to activate them?

Where will we go after death?

Is there a heaven?

Where is heaven located?

What is outside this expansion of space?

Why are the humans only concerned about the earth?

Why can’t we think forward? Think big?

What is on the other side of a black hole?

What is above and below the cosmos?

What if our planet is being observed under a microscope?

If there are other creations out there, who created them?

Do they look like us?

Or do we look like them?

On the basis of what our looks were chosen?

What makes us, us?

Can time be altered?

What is time?

What is the purpose behind everything?

Are we created just to live and die?

What makes us have different opinions?

How does our brain work?

How are the electrical signals created?

Why do we think something, and do something else?

Are we who we think we are?

*These questions continue to haunt me everyday*


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