The Way Of The World

We give importance to the things that doesn’t even require the smallest of attention. We worship people who have done nothing. We fight for scenarios that aren’t even reasonable.

There isn’t a sort of order in the way things work. Humans are categorised on the basis of their fame and looks and not of their work.

People give importance to people who aren’t even aware of their existence. There was a time when you were known for who you were on the basis of the good you did.

Now the categories have widened for the worse. People get paid millions for scoring a goal in a football game while people get paid in wages for standing up for a society. Can you see the imbalance over here?

Millions around the world are ready to stay up just to watch a game on tv but won’t debate an eye on an issue that needs the most importance.

People get worshipped and get paid millions just for singing a couple lines for an hour but we look down upon the people who toil for countless hours doing social work even though they have the same educational qualification.

When looks are chosen over goodness.

People are paid not according to the work they do but according to the people that benefit from it.

We’re in a time where it doesn’t matter on how long you work, but who you work for.

Kids ready to slash their wrists for their pop idols but not take out the trash for their parents.

Anyone can become famous these days as long as you have the looks or the guts to step down from your throne of dignity.

People need to find you amusing that’s all.

When everyone follows the money nobody looks at the bigger picture.
You’re paid millions for designing clothes? My grandmother should be a billionaire by now.

An accountant gets paid more than a social worker because the accountant handles the money. But the social worker helps the society. He’s not important enough. Who cares about how crappy the world is? As long as I’m rich I don’t care.

We’re living in a messed up world.


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