The Moon

I like to compare people with the moon. I have no idea what made me make such a comparison but my mind constantly drifts away along with the winds of time. Moon has a bright side and a darker side, we can only see the bright side as the dark side of the moon is not seen from the earth unless you’re living on mars or something. *Insert Transfromers reference here*. People too have two different sides. The one which is seen by everyone is just a mask, but the truer self is behind the mask. The darker and the more destroyed side. Just like the moon has different phases, people too have phases or faces. It all depends on the scenario that tells how much the will reveal themselves. The moon revolves around the earth. The moon needs the earth. The moon is lonely in the dark vast space and decided to be friends with earth and earth being a loner himself decided to take the moon under his wing. This shows that people need somebody to rely on or someone to trust and to be with. Relationships can be compared to the relationship between the earth and the moon. The closer the moon gets to the earth, the tides get worse. So the moon decides to stay away, far away from earth and decides to revolve around the earth and be a complete stalker. The moon is jealous of the sun’s relationship with the earth so it blocks the light rays by coming towards it. Hence, forming an eclipse.

*Writer’s Note*

Tried to write something on a lighter note today. As you can see I have completely failed at it. Something a little bit different from my usual serious posts.


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