We’re so consumed in loneliness that, That we’re thirsty for love. We thrive for love. But we’re already full, And in the end we take more than what we can give. We end up throwing up everything. Then the hunger consumes us, as loneliness was the only fuel that kept our engines running. Now it’s […]

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With every tear and with every drop of sweat and with every drop of blood. When the world is drenched by its sins and crimes. When the sinners sin beyond human capacity. When babies are born they cry to show their presence. But the kids today cry because nobody can notice their presence. When the […]

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Reach For The Stars

We look out of the window on a cold night dreaming about the life that we want to lead. Filled with thoughts and imagination, we’re paralysed by the illusion of our dreams even though it hasn’t happened. Everyone has some sort of image of themselves in the future that they want to build their way […]

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Get Inspired #2

You’re beautiful. We all lack some sort of self respect. We lack this due to the society. We are concerned about the society’s perception towards us and we fail to look at ourselves. We imitate the people who are considered socially ‘acceptable’ and we’re still looked down upon for everything. They say be yourself, but […]

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Bucket-Lists are stupid. It’s because you are making a list for the ‘future’. You don’t get to live your life everyday. Go with the flow and improvise your list mentally. No paper can define your desires.

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Lost In Loss

When you lose something you cannot replace, your mind is driven to a state of absolute loss. Just like that, the person who meant everything to you is taken away from you in a heartbeat. The human mind is consumed with dismay and chaos. So we’re first consumed with emptiness and then the feelings kick […]

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Change Has Changed

We’re all children of this world. Driven forward by our dreams. And held back by our past. Where there is a struggle to move on, rather than to move forward. Where we’re haunted by the visions of our past. When lovers and haters trap us in this void. We realize the lovers are the haters. […]

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