Is The Future Ready For Us?

Have you ever wondered why you were created? Why you had to be chosen and brought to Earth to live? Have you wondered what is the point of all of this? What is beyond this universe or what is beyond the earth itself? We never question things. We just accept the circumstances given to us. […]

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Are We Still Prejudiced?

It’s the year 2014 in case you didn’t notice and people are still in their embryonic stage of understanding how humanity works. We have the ability to think freely yet our judgement is clouded. The once thought abolished discrimination is not abolished. People hating each other on the basis of their skin colour. Can’t you […]

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Fairy Tales Don’t Exist

We all want a fairy tale ending don’t we? An ending that gives that perfect touch to your story. Your very own happily ever after. Isn’t that perfect? But that never happens. It all depends on when and where you stop telling your story. It is because after every fairy tale, the story goes on. […]

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Photograph Your Memories

There’s something beautiful about photographs that people don’t realise. They are time capsules. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Not your memory, not your life, not your precious possessions. Nothing. But we can hang on to them as long as we want. We should. Time goes by so fast that people don’t realise that it is actually […]

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In A Nutshell

See all the stars above in the night sky? That star that we see is light years away from us. There is no possible way for us to reach that star yet it has a way to reach us. The world was created millions of years ago right? Everyone knows that. That’s what our textbooks […]

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Just How It Is

You knew she never loved you. Or loved you as much as you did. All those signs she showed and yet you followed her through the darkness. All she wanted to do was lead you in and leave you there. You thought she was with you the whole time, holding your hands through the darkness, […]

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Look at your watch. See the needle ticking? With every tick a second passes by, lost forever in the past. A second means nothing to us, because it’s of such a small value. Right now as you are reading this, there is a kid in some part of this world crying for food. Right now […]

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