The Frustrated Female (Teenager)

Day after day she walked the same path. Her life in a mess. People said that she’s young to have so many problems and that she’s just exaggerating it. She was suppressed and oppressed by everyone around her. Called ugly when she was beautiful and called a dunce when she had the understanding of life and the way it works far beyond than anyone in her age. Even though she excels in her academics, she knew deep down that that’s not where her future was going to be. All those formulas she understood but did not want to apply in her own life. She wanted to be different but the people around her wouldn’t let her. They say “Be yourself”. But when you want to be yourself, they make a silhouette of somebody else and expect you to be like them in every way possible ignoring the fact that you have your own talents and dreams. Her perspective is what made her stand out. A perspective, which only she knew existed. She wanted to be different, do different things. When she looked around her all the girls wanted to get a good looking boyfriend or were obsessed with boy bands. But she was different. When she looked at the world, she wanted to change it. The only way she expressed herself was when she put the brush to the canvas and the entire world around her froze. She couldn’t talk. She wasn’t allowed to. But what her mouth couldn’t say, her hands drew. Those works of art could only be understood by the people who had her ideology. Because those works of art put life into colors and each element had it’s own meaning. Through all the dramas of high school and the academic pressure that benefited nobody, her art defined her. Defined her way of life, defined who she was and no stupid formulas could do that. One day she might just change the world.

*Writer’s Note*

A little dedication to all the women out there. This is the teenager’s perspective. An adult perspective will be up soon. Women empowerment..


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