The Frustrated Female (Adult)

Cigarettes, drugs and booze is what fuelled her mornings. She’s been living in that ‘craphole’ as she considers it for the last 5 years and she’s due on rent for the last 5 months. Day after day the owner knocks her door down asking her to pay but she’s too lost in her own high to reply back. She wasn’t always like this. If you told her she would turn out to be like this 10 years ago, she would think that you were insane. But now she became somebody that she never thought she would be. A single mom. That’s how she described herself. Abused and victimised by her past. Now she lives only for her son. Her son is just 10 years old and things he has seen and felt in his childhood has scarred him forever. They were victims of domestic violence. They were afraid to speak up. One day she got the courage to stand up against the man who has been beating her up because of his gambling debts and drinking problems. A man she once loved and still loves. Her husband. She took her son and left while he was knocked out on the ground by the booze and the hard pan on the face. She didn’t call the police on him. Even after all of it, she didn’t. Now she’s all against the world. She’s ready to work any job that pays a decent wage just so that her son continues his education and she does this with a hope that one day they won’t live like this. Somehow she has the money for the cheap liquor, the cigarettes and the pills. She would have more if this was taken away from her. But she cannot continue with her life with these substances that fuel her body to work just to put food on the plate. She serves as a waitress in a local diner in the morning and she works as a stripper in the evenings and a prostitute in the night. The last thing her husband said to her was “Go to hell you bitch!” and now the life she’s leading is equivalent to hell. But she’s ready to go through all of it just for her son. The struggle of her continues everyday. One night as she waved to an ongoing car, the car approached her and as she was about to get in, she realised the man in the car was her husband.

*Writer’s Note*
As you must have seen the dark element in the article. It’s because I wanted to emphasise on this issue as it is a real threat out there. Even though my story is a fiction, the stories out there aren’t. Stand up against domestic violence and be brave. The story ends on a cliffhanger because there are so many possible ways that the story could have continued and the point of this article is just to point out the struggle and not the concept itself.


3 thoughts on “The Frustrated Female (Adult)

  1. I am at a loss for words, I hope that every woman real or fictional who finds herself in this situation find an endless pool of strength and integrity. I wish you much success with your writing.

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