He Had Hope

Day after day he cried himself to sleep.

While others slept in the night, he stayed awake in the darkness because he felt that’s where he truly belonged.

The only time where the only sounds he could hear were the sound of his own cry.

The darkness and the silence were a haven for him.

A haven where he prepared himself for the battle tomorrow.

With every drop that fell from the sky in the oceans far far away, he was lost and oblivious.

Nobody believed him when he said his story, because apparently 13 year olds can’t be depressed.

It’s just the hormones they told him.

Nobody reached down and pulled him up. Day after day he endured the same torture. He wanted it to end. He wanted it all to end.

But one thing that he was sure of was the fact that suicide was not the answer. He believed that, maybe one day he won’t feel the same way he’s feeling right now. He had hope. Hope which was being extinguished slowly.

What was the point of all this madness? Did the Gods want him to suffer? Was it all meant to be? What sins has he done to face such a punishment of such magnitude.

As everyday went by and with every tear drop that lightened his pillow, he became stronger. He changed. He changed into something that was not him.

They changed him. All those names that he had in school. They called him with everything except his. The name that he was born to. Being picked upon not because he was weak but he didn’t have a voice.

He could have taken them all on. But he didn’t. Because he was raised up to be a human and not an animal. Day after day he endured the same punishment. They extinguished the life in him slowly.

He became more angrier as the moons changed its faces and the sun went into hiding.

He wanted to kill them all. Rip their throats off with his bare hands. He wanted to make them suffer for what they had done to him. Give them what they had given to him everyday of his life.

Then he looked at himself in the mirror. He looked at the same face he used to see but his eyes were different. They weren’t the same teary eyes that he used to remember. Now it holds the pain and suffering that was once endured. It is locked up inside ready to unleashed. But the human side of him holds him back.

Then he realized himself. All these years of suffering were a test. A test to see if he would break. All those kids who walked on ropes hung high above the horizon. He watched them fall and shatter, while he moved forward. Why?

Because he never gave up. He knew that one day that he wouldn’t feel the same way he is feeling right now. He has hope.

*Writer’s Note*

Unless you’re in the shoes of a kid who got bullied, you wouldn’t know what is it like to be bullied. That feeling is unique and only the strongest get to taste it. But even the strongest break. Stand up against bullying. Teach kids to be humans.


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