Scars With A Hope

And they held each other’s hands and walked down the boulevard.

It felt like they had come so far.

He put his faith, dreams and himself in her.

Time had gone so fast and as the days went past, his belief in this grew stronger.

Met when they were making their way out of the box,

And they helped each other out of it.

And on that day he knew that she was the person he longed to see as there was nobody who extended for him.

Together they walked along the boulevard of dreams, and then he realised it was his dreams and not their’s.

The sails had dropped but time went forward, the clouds went dark but only above him. Every second spent felt like a nightmare that would never end and she was the only way who would end it.

But she wouldn’t.

For now he was walking along the boulevard of broken dreams.

Drenched by her sins and his own remorse.

All those dreams lay shattered on the ground where now he walks everyday.

Waiting for someone to extend the palms of hope again.


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