In Good Faith

Humans have this tendency to be dependent. That’s how we were built. We were built to rely on each other and support each other. But the case today isn’t as it seems. Humans are like trees, the only way the tree is going to survive is for the roots to reach deeper so that its firm is strong. To resist against the winds of time and winds itself. People believe in many things. Their opinions change according to the way of their lives. But there is something in common among all of us. The need to put their faith. In something or someone. Times are perilous and we need hope to sail forward. Some people put faith in humans. They lay their seeds of hope and trust and with a belief that the tree would hold. Some people put faith in God. It’s a certain belief. It’s almost with a certain amount of confidence that they do so. Because humans are evolving, as time changes so do they. But God is in the middle of the order. It doesn’t matter whether your prayer is fulfilled, it’s the belief that it will happen is what makes the faith even stronger. When you look at this scenario from the 3rd perspective, it’s just so unique to see people confiding to whatever they think is best for them. Some people want facts and real-time answers so they confide in people. Some people confide in themselves and believe themselves to be of the most importance as they have lost all hope in God and humans itself. Some people confide in therapists. It all depends on your past and the way you think but in the end we all put faith into something or someone. Who do you choose?


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