In Time

All of our lives are connected through time. When a flower dies, another flower blooms. There is always a balance in the order of how this world works. Imagine the possibilities if we could alter time. Would you alter time? To change the decisions that you once made or would you leave things as it is? I believe that even if you’re future self comes to your past self and tells you not to do a particular thing, you would still do it. For example, if you’re warned that the girl you think is the love of your life isn’t actually the love your life. Would you still throw all that away? You wouldn’t do that. You would try harder just for that not to happen. But in the end you realize it the hard way. Humans are attracted to birth and death. It grips us. It is the only thing that defines the way of life itself. Birth heals our wounds while death scars us. But practically if you see, birth gives you scars. Right now as you’re reading this, someone out there in this world is breathing their last breath. There is this common misconception, people think that they have a solid 60 years to live, so they don’t care about the seconds ticking away. But if you know your date of departure, you will make every second count. It’s not about being paranoid or being at fear of dying. It’s about understanding and realizing that we’re here for a temporary purpose and we will be called back any time. March on with your heads up.


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