Is The Future Ready For Us?

Have you ever wondered why you were created? Why you had to be chosen and brought to Earth to live? Have you wondered what is the point of all of this? What is beyond this universe or what is beyond the earth itself? We never question things. We just accept the circumstances given to us. Let me give a scenario, the human race is in a theatre. We see the movie be played constantly but we don’t question what’s behind the screen. Whatever is behind it, the thought is what counts. Look around you, look at all the cars go by, all people who walk past you and yet they don’t even care that you exist. Why? Because you’re not part of their lives and their schemes. They don’t see you as a human. But just something they see everyday. We live our lives with no purpose whatsoever. If you’re gonna live for 80 years, make those 60 years count. Why do we have to be governed by some person or some people? Are they superior to us? Are they far more intellectually superior to us? I’m pretty sure they’re intellectually inferior but never mind. Don’t we all have minds of our own? Why can’t all the people govern themselves? If somebody goes out of bounds, let the majority take action. Why does a group of people have to control the human race? We aren’t sheeps to be led forward. We’re humans who can think. This system isn’t practical as of now but it is possible. A system where there is no prejudice. It doesn’t matter who or what you believe in, you’re a human and that’s all that matters. What if the entire human race works together to achieve something? We reached the Mars after thousands of years. Why can’t we go to galaxies if we all work together? Education, health and commitment is what we need. There has to be numerous Einsteins And Newtons among us and we don’t even know it. Together we can. You just got to believe. Do You?


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