Fairy Tales Don’t Exist

We all want a fairy tale ending don’t we? An ending that gives that perfect touch to your story. Your very own happily ever after. Isn’t that perfect? But that never happens. It all depends on when and where you stop telling your story. It is because after every fairy tale, the story goes on. But we don’t know what happens after the happily ever after part comes. They could die from a meteor collision for all you know. People want more. Nobody is satisfied with the scenario they are placed in. We always look at the people around us rather than ourselves for that matter. There is no equality around us. Whatever the case maybe. The rich stay at the top and give the leftovers to the middle class and they give the leftovers from the leftovers to the people below the middle class. People are hungry. All humans are hungry. It just depends on what drives you forward. We’re living in a time where money is equivalent to God himself. People are ready to do anything just to climb up the food chain while some just accept their given circumstances and live on. Everybody wants to be remembered for. It’s not just about coming to life and leaving with death. That’s not how things work. It’s easy to say how difficult your life is from your couch. Only when you pick yourself up and take a step you can actually move forward to your goals. Do all the things that you love. Don’t care about the people who judge you because they don’t matter. In the end what matters is you. When you finally say your story, you’ll know when to stop.


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