Photograph Your Memories

There’s something beautiful about photographs that people don’t realise. They are time capsules. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Not your memory, not your life, not your precious possessions. Nothing. But we can hang on to them as long as we want. We should. Time goes by so fast that people don’t realise that it is actually going. When they finally look back, it’s gone forever. Going slow is also not the best thing to do because when the whole world whizzes past you and you just move forward taking baby steps. It’s not how things work. The concept of slow and steady doesn’t work always. The tortoise doesn’t always win. Make memories and never forget to photograph them. A photograph doesn’t have to be a photograph. It could just be a passage telling how special that day was. When you look at that passage or that photograph on the wall, all those memories will hit you like a ton of bricks. The life that you lead now won’t be the same like then. It doesn’t have to be a an excellent quality photo. It’s just something that acts as a milestone or an anchor and every time you look at it, the world around you stops. But now you’re the one running.


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