In A Nutshell

See all the stars above in the night sky? That star that we see is light years away from us. There is no possible way for us to reach that star yet it has a way to reach us. The world was created millions of years ago right? Everyone knows that. That’s what our textbooks said. That’s what Google said. But we don’t know for certain when or how or why. The humans we see around us were evolved only 200,000 years ago. Don’t ask me if it’s right or wrong, Wikipedia said so. It’s like humans question everything that happens around them. But when the theory of human evolution is put forward, people just accept it. Why? Because scientists are apparently smarter than the rest of us. Look around the world, all the humans on this planet wake up to the same sun and sleep to the same moon. Even though we’re all different, we’re the same. All those galaxies and planets out there. Do you think we’re still alone in this vast cosmos of questions? People accept the life given to them. Nobody questions the order. That’s why a certain group of people are always above us. Religion says that God, created all of this. Scientists make up a ‘cool’ name and add the word theory next to it. What is the purpose behind all of this? Are we created just to die after a few years? What’s beyond all these galaxies? What if there are more planets where people actually exist? What if an atom is a solar system? That there are actually galaxies inside each of us? Since we are all made up of atoms. What if we reach the end of space? What is the purpose of all of this being formed? All these questions have no answers. There are miracles around us and yet people do not want to accept the fact that there is a creator. Who created the creator?  Who created the creator who created the creator? The cosmos can’t just appear out of nowhere some day. Are we just humans? Why are we made like this? Why are all the humans of the world looking at a small picture known as earth? If all the people of the world pool in their resources, we might actually have a shot at a whole new level of possibilities. When you want the answers to the mysteries, you have to go and solve them.


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