Look at your watch. See the needle ticking? With every tick a second passes by, lost forever in the past. A second means nothing to us, because it’s of such a small value. Right now as you are reading this, there is a kid in some part of this world crying for food. Right now as you read this, there is someone in this world who is in hiding because of the fear of being killed. When we look at the world around us, things are comparatively small when the bigger world is at stake.  We’re just a pixel when the universe is at stake. We always live our lives with a feeling that we’re the only humans on earth. It just blows your mind to see that with every breath you take, there are other human beings breathing the same air that you breathe. When someone comes to the end of their journey, a new life is born oblivious to this world. Its biggest goal is to survive. While a part of this world goes to sleep with a hope of waking up, another part of this world wakes up. These are all just small things. Basic science but when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, it is unimaginable. There is so much to this world, to this existence that we don’t know. Why are we created? Are we the only people? What’s the purpose behind all of this? There are so many things that science cannot explain. Is the point of life is just to be born and then die without no purpose? Aren’t we all created for some reason? All these questions have no answers. Make every second count. As of right now, if you are going through a terrible time, just remember that somewhere across all those oceans and lands, there is someone who is suffering more than you.


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