The Frustrated Female (Adult)

Cigarettes, drugs and booze is what fuelled her mornings. She’s been living in that ‘craphole’ as she considers it for the last 5 years and she’s due on rent for the last 5 months. Day after day the owner knocks her door down asking her to pay but she’s too lost in her own high […]

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He Had Hope

Day after day he cried himself to sleep. While others slept in the night, he stayed awake in the darkness because he felt that’s where he truly belonged. The only time where the only sounds he could hear were the sound of his own cry. The darkness and the silence were a haven for him. […]

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Words Are A B*tch

Humans have the ability to communicate. The way to interact far more advanced than any species on earth. Okay, enough with the scientific intro. Words are powerful. Words can influence. Words can change. Words can motivate. Words can destroy. Words give you hope. The way you speak to another person defines your way of life. […]

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Scars With A Hope

And they held each other’s hands and walked down the boulevard. It felt like they had come so far. He put his faith, dreams and himself in her. Time had gone so fast and as the days went past, his belief in this grew stronger. Met when they were making their way out of the […]

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In Good Faith

Humans have this tendency to be dependent. That’s how we were built. We were built to rely on each other and support each other. But the case today isn’t as it seems. Humans are like trees, the only way the tree is going to survive is for the roots to reach deeper so that its […]

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In Time

All of our lives are connected through time. When a flower dies, another flower blooms. There is always a balance in the order of how this world works. Imagine the possibilities if we could alter time. Would you alter time? To change the decisions that you once made or would you leave things as it […]

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