Building Walls

Sometimes people build this wall around themselves.

Not all people. Just people who are hanging by a thread.

The thing about this wall is there is no way to enter it nor exit it unless the person inside it decides to make a small hole through it.

The thing is, it’s a test.

A test to see if you will squeeze through it to reach the other side or just give up halfway through. Locking yourself, your thoughts, your emotions and your struggle behind a wall you built yourself.

The thing is, this wall is built by you.

So if you built it, you can break it completely as well. But all the person who is inside needs, is a good reason to. The reason they built the wall is to break away their mental presence with the outside world.

You’ll be present physically but mentally you are cautious every step of the way because the wall is fragile. Every time you get hurt, the wall gets broken exposing you. The truer version of you. But when it gets replaced it’s stronger than ever.

That’s why they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


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