She finally turned 16.

It feels like an eternity, from birth to this point.

Her life filled with colors and dreams.

Trying to reach out through the screens.

While others were wavered by the winds of time she stood still yet gentle.

She lived on with her smiles and laughs trying to battle her demons inside.

While others envied her persona, she walked forward boldly yet elegantly.

All those boys who fell for you, yet you never fell down.

Every time you put a pen to the paper, the world watched in awe to see words so graceful,

That their dreams and hopes could become a reality.

Even though there were people all around you, you stayed true to yourself

Because in the end all those who said will stay, never stayed.

From the first steps that you took, to the leaps you take and fall everything is what makes you who you are.

From all the scars and all the drama, none of it matters anymore.

Because the thing about past is, sometimes it is good that it’s over.

Now you made your way to this day

standing on both your feet you can proudly say,

I have made it.



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