Blogging Dilemma

Blogging is a whole new realm. The voiceless have a voice in this blogging world. People get a chance to open up. Introverts can finally speak up without hesitation. There are no boundaries. It’s your own page with whatever messed up stuff you post, it’s all you. The thing is bloggers have this urge to post more if the response is good. Everybody needs a little of the good ol’ push from the back to get motivated to move ahead. Every time a blogger gets a follower, it’s as important as winning. It’s because WordPress is a tough crowd to please. If they follow you that means, you’re not as bad as you think you are. A good blogger needs to be on his toes for new material to post. Whether it’s a photography blog or a write up blog like mine, content on a regular basis is a yes-yes. It’s almost a necessity to blog on a regular basis to keep your crowd on the edge of their seats. Cracking knuckles after typing sentences is something all bloggers are familiar with. The catch is whether your blog is original or just a rip-off from another site on the internet. When people actually take the time to read what you write and go ahead and give you a like, that’s a pretty big thing if you ask me. Originality is something that is appreciated almost everywhere, the need for being truthful to yourself and the work you do is important. WordPress is one huge family that can make change with words. Keep calm and blog on!


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