Take Control Of Your Life

We’re just a pawn in the way of how things work. Just a needle in a haystack. A spoof of dust in the atmosphere. We consider ourselves to have utmost importance but what we don’t realize is that, we’re not so big when the whole world is at play. Everyday as we move forward, our actions are constantly shifting course and our thoughts are easily influenced. Our story is written by someone else. The problem here is, we give importance to others more than ourselves and we give ourselves the least priority, only till someone comes and trips your leg. The most difficult task is being ourselves as the media is constantly picturing the so called perfect person to be someone none of us can be. The thing is nobody wants to accept that. Everybody has that need for the limelight. We try our best to be someone we can never be just so that we’re considered perfect. Deep down everyone knows nobody is perfect and that flaws are a birthmark but nobody wants to live by the fact. Everyone’s thoughts are fragile and can be easily manipulated until someone comes and teaches you a lesson that you are your plan z or any other letter that comes after it. When you see someone else from your perspective, the vision of what they truly are is blurred and we’re deceived into believing something that isn’t true. In the end when all fails, when we realize there is no better person than yourself, we get a hold of ourselves and the silhouette of blind perfection is erased from our thoughts and being original is what matters. It all depends on when you realize it.


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