The Ugly Truth

Humans are flawed. Everyone is flawed but the thing is people don’t want to admit that they’re flawed which is not their fault. Everyone wants to be as good as the so called perfect person in high school or college or at work. It’s just how we are. We’re not satisfied. More is the word. The messed up part is nobody falls for your personality at first sight. Everyone goes for the looks and the curves. Don’t try to deny the fact saying that, I don’t care how bad the person looks, which is complete BS because all we care about is how perfect the person looks, even though we’re deeply flawed, we still want somebody perfect to balance things. Once you’re with someone, then looks may not matter, but think of it in this way, your friends tell you that you deserve someone better looking, because that’s how messed up we are. We don’t want the person who would take a bullet through the chest for you, but someone who has the perfect hair or the perfect body. You see this girl in your school, you go up to your friends saying, “Man, she looks hot”. You don’t go and say “Man, she has the biggest of the hearts”. That’s how things work and in the end when the perfect person in terms of looks breaks your heart, you come to a conclusion that everyone is just the same. No matter how much you try to see someone differently, You come back to the matter of looks. I’m not talking about friendship, I’m talking about love or lust or whatever. This is the most disturbing one, but it’s how it is. People who have been bullied all their lives, by being called ugly and flawed usually choose the people who are more perfect compared to them ‘at first’ because they don’t want to be known for having a bad looking partner because others consider them bad looking. But once they find the right one for them, then it’s fine. Some people might find this post offensive, but deep down you know it’s the ugly truth. It’s all about perception. It all depends on how you see yourself. Keep your heads up.


2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. You’re spot on about people not wanting to admit their flaws. I think we also perceive people to be better/happier than they usually are because everyone crafts these careful images of themselves that they present to the world. Especially on social media. The only way a relationship can truly last is if there’s a certain level of vulnerability – everyone finds this out one way or another but it’s a challenge to recognize this. Great post!

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