Just Another Day

The feeling of being deceived after believing in something that was so perfect and with a certainty that it was bound to happen, sucks. Believe me it does. Nothing says a brick in the chest than being abandoned by someone you love. According to you this is the most perfect love story. Through all the drama of your life and falls, you finally have found something that hasn’t screwed you over, yet. Everything is fine as a daisy and one day, the supposed better half of you says things aren’t working out the way she thought it would. I mean seriously? Whether you stayed with someone for years or for a few months, it is still going to hurt like a Bitch. This is the last thing that you want to happen to you. When you give someone everything and more and just one day out of the blue, they say things aren’t perfect anymore. Bitch you ain’t perfect like I thought you are. I know some people will be like, people have their reasons. What reason could you possibly have to end something like this in a good way? Unless you’re a slut then continue what you’re doing and kill more people. People change, circumstances change. The life that you dream to live won’t always be the life that you will lead. So always be prepared because life can trip you in a heartbeat.


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