The Struggle To Get Back Up

We wake up ready to take on the world waiting for us. We have no clue on how the circumstances will be but we still walk ahead. The road ahead is never easy, we fall and we break apart, not literally. But we fix ourselves back and walk ahead. Every time we fall, a part of us refuses to fix back onto us because it has given up. Who wouldn’t honestly? You fall down over and over and you’re covered with scars all over you. Sometimes people have a reason to get back up and run faster than ever. But some don’t. Because the world wants themselves to be their own saviour. It’s not easy pulling yourself back up, believe me it isn’t. Everyone needs help at times, it just depends on when and who is going to help you. Everyone needs a reason, that’s all they need. You tell yourself you need to get your ass back up and then after all those tears of struggle and the trails you finally make it ready to fall once again but this time it’ll hurt less.


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