I woke up to a peculiar sound. I had heard this sound numerous times before, but now it feels so different but yet the same. I turned around to see the clock to find it 4 in the morning and as I was making my way back to my senses, I realized that it was my beautiful wife snoring. The love of my life sleeping next to me and snoring like there is no tomorrow. I watched her with a smile on my face thinking back to the day I met her, just a teenager broken like the others and depressed like few. She came into my life and changed me. No doctor could have saved me the way she did and she did. Saved me from my troubles and pain, shutting the demons for sometime. Then I heard a high pitched noise fill the room and it was our baby daughter always waking us up at 4 in the morning like all babies do. Giving hell to the parents while being at heaven at the same time. The day I realized that I was going to be a dad healed me more. The feeling comforted me and the demons were at the cliff with a long fall. Just a little push was all that was needed and I was free. But I was not strong enough to do what was necessary. I still needed a reason fight them and then it hit me. I had everything I have ever wanted and never realized it. The snoring and the baby noises made me realized that I had made it. I finally beat the demons inside of me and I went back to sleep.

*Writer’s Note*

The ending shows parenting at its finest.


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