She finally turned 16. It feels like an eternity, from birth to this point. Her life filled with colors and dreams. Trying to reach out through the screens. While others were wavered by the winds of time she stood still yet gentle. She lived on with her smiles and laughs trying to battle her demons […]

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Building Walls

Sometimes people build this wall around themselves. Not all people. Just people who are hanging by a thread. The thing about this wall is there is no way to enter it nor exit it unless the person inside it decides to make a small hole through it. The thing is, it’s a test. A test […]

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Sometimes, silence is the best form of truth.

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Blogging Dilemma

Blogging is a whole new realm. The voiceless have a voice in this blogging world. People get a chance to open up. Introverts can finally speak up without hesitation. There are no boundaries. It’s your own page with whatever messed up stuff you post, it’s all you. The thing is bloggers have this urge to […]

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The Fight To Survive

As I stood there with the sun blinding my vision, I felt frozen to the ground. A million voices shouting in my head trying to pacify my rage. The pain and the hunger so profound. I asked myself, “why am I the one?” I wanted to write my story but alas I’m not so fortunate […]

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The life you lead now, is the repercussions of the life you once led.

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Take Control Of Your Life

We’re just a pawn in the way of how things work. Just a needle in a haystack. A spoof of dust in the atmosphere. We consider ourselves to have utmost importance but what we don’t realize is that, we’re not so big when the whole world is at play. Everyday as we move forward, our […]

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