What would you do if one day you woke up and the world around you is unrecognizable? All the people that you have known, loved and cared about have become strangers. Your memory gets wiped of like a clean slate ready to be used again. Over time we forget the things that have happened to us in the past, we move on and we forget them. But the catch is we don’t realize that we do. Even now we don’t remember what we had for dinner 3 nights before. It’s just me then. It is because it is not of the importance for us to carry it along with us. We have a choice to remember and forget things. It all depends on the will to forget and the importance of the matter. There are so many diseases that do not have a cure and many of them are fatal. Patients get to know the time left in the hourglass and make the most of it. Cancer patients with chemo sessions have a chance to fight cancer. The difference is whether they are ready to fight or give up. Alzheimer’s Disease for those who don’t know is a disease that affects the brain and long term loss of ability to think and comprehend. Eventually you forget who you are as your memory disintegrates. Unfortunately there is no cure for this terrible disease and the end result is death. Everyday you continue to live with the disease, parts of you slowly break away and eventually you’re lost and cannot even recognize the people you lived with all your life. Every disease breaks the person mentally and physically but the thing about Alzheimer’s is that you watch yourself dying everyday. You watch yourself being pushed further and further into oblivion because you can’t stop it. The world around you becomes hostile. The part that makes us human gets washed away. The people around you suffer as much as you watching you in that state. Then one day you wake up and you don’t even know who you are. There should be a challenge like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Alzheimer’s in my opinion, that signifies the symptoms of the disease. You can’t really show oblivion in a challenge can you? There are millions of people facing this and yet they still believe there is nothing wrong with them. Spread awareness for the Alzheimer’s Disease.


*The website for the Alzheimer’s Association*  


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