Second Chance

I could still hear the sound of the flatline haunting my thoughts. They say nothing lasts forever, but I thought I would be the first one to go but she did. It all happened so fast that I’m reliving the moment everyday. The pain never seems to fade away. The sun, the moon and the stars remained the same and so was my mental state. Married for almost 65 years and I never stopped loving her since the day I met her. I saw autumn’s traces all over the floor where I walked. I watched her name engraved on a stone and she laid under it.  I struggled to get down on both of my knees as my age wouldn’t permit it. I touched the ground where she slept peacefully and where I knelt in despair. I did what I had to do and I made my way back to my car. I had always been a religious man. But since the day she was taken way from me, I had no faith. I had to see her because my emptiness and my inner void wouldn’t leave me alone until I had seen her. I sat in the car with the smoke filling up the space. I breathed in the smoke coming from the exhaust through a tube into the car. I was looking directly at her tombstone as I closed my eyes in anticipation of the end. Then I heard someone knocking on the window and I turned to see her knocking on the window so that I would stop what I was about to do. There she stood as beautiful as ever. I knew I had made it. This was it, I was finally reunited with her. I knew we had all the time in the world but I didn’t want to lose a single second because only I know how much this meant to me and how I had to cherish every moment of this. I was happy. We were happy. The emptiness inside me was replaced with pure fulfillment and happiness. All those sleepless nights had finally came to an end. I never wanted to let go of her warm hands because they had never felt so warm. The last time I held her hands, they were cold. We slept under the stars and I closed my eyes to hear the sounds of the ventilator. I knew I was having a dream where she was in the hospital. But when I opened my eyes I was the one in the hospital.


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