10 Tips To Survive A Breakup

Well just for the record these aren’t tips really. It just depends on how you perceive them and act accordingly. Tips is a terrible word. Well above everything the best way you’re going to survive a break up is not falling in love. Even though it’s like the best ‘tip’, I’m sure you guys will keep falling over and over again. So knock yourselves out. *Numbers are in no particular order*

1) Do the maths: I’m sure you might have considered him/ her as the love your life. If you look good enough or if you’re good with words then worry not of finding a replacement. (Not applicable for all)

2) Acceptance is everything: While you’re out there hoping for a miracle, You have to accept the fact that it is over and embrace the storm ahead.

3) Extra XP points: Break up changes people. Since you have fallen down and in the progress of picking yourself up, know that you’re stronger and next time it’ll hurt less. Depends on how you feel now though.

4) See the big picture: Well this is isn’t the end of the world. It might be for you, but just remember there is no sunrise without a sunset. Which basically means good stuff will eventually come your way for those who can’t figure it out.

5) Poking the open wound: This is the time where you actually have to be strong. You are vulnerable at this stage and deep breaths and second thoughts are a viable strategy.

6) Tap on the shoulder: You just got to accept the fact that for whatsoever reason this scenario happened, it happened for good.

7) Always remember the bitch/bastard:  He/she is the only reason why you’re in this mess right now and it’s their fault. You don’t have to suffer for that.

8) You don’t need a wheelchair: You need to show everyone that you can get your ass back up and move on with a smile. Don’t be a wuss and prove the other person that you can live without him/her.

9) Don’t be an Emo: All you going to do by hurting yourself or trying to end the suffering is let the other person win. You can’t let that happen. Remember when your mom said you’re a superhero? Well you got to be one now.

10) Look forward: Don’t ever look back at what happened, just think of it as a terrible dream. Nobody likes terrible dreams. Just believe things will be good and believe you deserve it and march on.

Love is a bitch and we all know it. Nobody deserves going all through all that agony, because it wasn’t their fault. So just smile and flip the bird to whoever screws with you.



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