Teenage Love

For anyone who has ever been in love in their life, as far as memory can serve them, they would say they first fell in love in high school. There are exceptions no doubt. Like kids these days who fall in love in middle school. I have no idea how that happens but it just does and they end up calling it true love and whatnot. For almost everyone, the first time they ever felt something for someone is during this period and it is something so unexplainable that it just happens. Whether you fall for someone on the basis of their looks or on the basis of how charming they are. It pretty much has the same effect. People fall in love in so many scenarios of their lives and the feeling of love in your teenage is something else. It all just sounds so surreal that it is hard to believe to predict the outcome. Fueled high on hormones, things just happen and you fall in love. You meet a stranger online and she accepts your request and she says hi! and that’s it. You’re in love or that’s what you think it is. Then there is the case with your best friend who has been there with you all your life, helping you and supporting you and one day you realize, why not fall in love with someone who knows you better than anyone? Then you end up telling her how you feel and there is a high chance that you might get friendzoned. Well if it does workout then, congratulations. There is a higher chance of you losing your virginity in your high school than marrying the same person you’ve been with since high school. Well if you’re a guy who stays up playing WoW and considers ranking up as a life achievement then no. People get together and they break up, someone gets trapped in time while the other moves forward in to unicorn land. It always happens doesn’t it? There is rarely a mutual breakup and someone always bears the crown of trauma for a certain period of their life. Well this isn’t a reality show. We fall down, we pick ourselves up, we dust our shoulders, flip the bird and move on. Things are always complicated and for better or for worse, things will always be right in the end and all the drama of the past will be a distant memory.


6 thoughts on “Teenage Love

      1. And this teenage love is probably the start of a new life for some, during this age, the best gets the worst side, and so on. And luckily I wasn’t killed by one!

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