We Can

I came across this photo recently and it’s about a Muslim Mother dressing her own son up as Lord Krishna who is a Hindu God on a day which is considered to be the God’s birthday. There is no finer example to show humanity. Although they have their own beliefs, they still chose to honour another religion, even though it’s not what they follow. On this day, little kids may dress up as the God just to show the significance of the day. All over the world there is violence in the name of God. But people don’t realize that we’re all human beings and all this violence is pointless. What are we actually trying to prove here? Just by showing the dominance of something, we’re destroying ourselves. We have to accept the fact that we’re humans and we’re flawed. We are fighting for something that is going to bring nothing but violence and hatred. When we watch a Youtube video or travel on a plane, there are so many other people with different beliefs and hopes watching the video along with us or flying with us but that does not bother us does it? Well if it bothers you, then you should get yourself checked. It’s all about accepting that we’re all the same and knowing that we’re different in our own ways. We have to put our differences aside to live better than what we’re going through now. First we have to accept the fact that we’re all humans. Spread love. Make a change.


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