Surviving High School

The time everyone spends in high school is one of the most crappiest and one of the most craziest times of our lives. High on hormones, teenagers face all kinds of things in just a few years. The journey spent there is on the most unpredictable scenarios of our lives. Being bullied is something that everyone goes through, unless you’re a jock or a fake cheer leader. They usually get their fill in middle school. The reasons why someone gets bullied in high school is endless, most of them are completely stupid and you get bullied for thinking the reason was stupid which is stupid. People get pushed to the point of no return and they end up thinking suicide is the best card at play which is wrong because the reason their condition is existing is because they accept the fate given to them. If they just stand up to the people who are putting them in that place things would be on a different note but nobody wants to stand up thinking on the negative impacts of the repercussions which is just paranoia. Maybe a punch in the face can solve the issue or doing something opposite to what they bully you for. There is just so much on the line in high school that it can literally drive you nuts. Exams and all the memorizing and all the taunts from your friendly neighborhood teachers and how your physical appearance gives you an illusion making you think that you are a freak. All those endless nights of studying those formulas that apparently are going to help you in succeeding life. The point of education in the modern time is just to pass the exams and move on to the next grade. It’s not about trying to achieve something or actually being prepared to take on life, it’s just learning things which are of no use to you, well some of them are no doubt. The true definition of high school is survival of the prettiest. The people who actually look good get through everything and are considered Gods in high school which is just BS. Then you have the sleepless nights and you wake up the next day not ready to take on your high school. But after all this high school drama is over and when you look back, You’ll be wondering how on earth did you get through that and things would look smaller then because you have bigger current obstacles ahead of you. So find the people who are just like you and just have one hell of a time. When you get through high school, you’ll have a sense of relief and a sense of regret for not doing anything. So just make memories and take a deep breath and march ahead and do not suicide. Suicide is for losers and you’re not one.Ā 


10 thoughts on “Surviving High School

  1. Strongly disagree when you say that only the prettiest people survive in high school. There are so many other sides to high school, you can’t just generalize it.

  2. The true definition of high school is survival of the prettiest.
    Well, this was my favourite line and believe me this line is a universal truth.
    #Stay Beautiful not Pretty. šŸ™‚

    1. On what basis are you saying that it is a universal truth? Nothing can be considered universal, unless there’s evidence or proof of the statement. Sure it might be the case in SOME high schools, but it’s not the same everywhere. From personal experience, I can say that high school is a place where everyone is given an opportunity, but you need the guts to grab that opportunity and deal with all the critisism. If you chicken out, then, well, your perception of High School doesn’t even matter.

      1. Hey there.
        Well, there’s no need for you to yell at me with a wrong perception! I respect your belief but surely it isn’t how you see it.
        Universal is something that is true for everybody, have you ever thought about the geeks and the nerds of your highschool, have you ever thought how they feel? Monday mornings are a horror for them.
        They even have dreams but theirs are crushed by the bullies and the mean people. Opportunities need to be accessible just not available, grabbing stuff makes us animals. We are humans. You might not understand this till the time you don’t fix yourself in somebody’s elses shoes. May you wake up one day and realise it. Till that time, Be the prettiest you know. And believe in the wrong. Stay Pretty. šŸ™‚

      2. I didn’t mean to yell at you, my apologies. In my school, it is the geeks and nerds who surive better than the pretty people. The pretty people are usually mocked. and infact, the pretty people are bullied and put down more than the other people. In the world we live in, unless you GRAB the opportunity, it is gonna pass on to other people. It doesn’t mean we’re animals. šŸ˜€

        PS : Looks shouldn’t matter at all. Everybody is beautiful in their own ways. ā¤

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