A Different Kind Of Life

Just like any other she was waiting for her mother to come back home from work. Holding her little brother’s hand she looked ahead trying to spot her mother in the narrow street where the three of them lived in a small hut. Kids across the street waited for their mothers to come back home as the sun was going to set soon and it was getting late. Their mothers were domestic help and daily wage workers in a nearby construction site.  When she spotted her mother in the crowd, a huge smile appeared on her face. She and her brother ran just like the other kids and hugged their mothers tight in a way that they haven’t seen them in years. Toiling under the hot sun everyday, with a desperate need for water they returned home and seeing their children quenched their thirst instantly. After they all returned to their homes, she quickly washed her hands and started the fire because it was supper time for the kids. With the sweat sticking to her body, she prepared the first meal the kids have eaten in the day. On their way home, the mothers had bought what was necessary from the local market. The mother’s delicacy included rice and some curd which the children ate with such happiness as the food was made out of love. Night shadowed the earth and under the dim light of a lantern the kids did their homework while the possibility of eating dinner hung by a thread. They did not worry about their hunger because they had their mother beside them and that’s what they wanted. Despite all the hunger and the lack of opportunity of leading a comfortable life, they had happiness. They studied hard everyday just so that they could break themselves out of the lives they were living in and seeing their mother in that condition made them fight even more.  All the kids living in that area faced the same condition. The efforts each of them put to escape from the life they led is what differentiated them. They slept on the cold hard ground, with mosquitoes flying around them ready for a feast. Oh the irony. They all slept near each other so that they had the comfort of being next to each other. As the rooster woke them up in the morning to start of their day, their mother left them in the morning and her daughter accompanied her little brother to school with an empty stomach and they returned home with thoughts of eating the same delicacy everyday because that was all they could afford. Their lives were looped until they had the power to move forward.


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