Against The Nature?

People since times immemorial have considered certain groups of human beings as being against the nature. Whether it might be Homosexuals or Transgenders they are now considered as being against the nature. People feel that they break the natural order of humanity. Yeah sure, mass murdering thousands of people in the name of peace is perfectly fine but people who just try to be normal like everyone else are avoided just because of their emotions which is natural. Again we fail to see the big picture over here, we’re divided on so many different categories that we fail to see that at the end of the day we are all humans. Who are we to judge if it is natural or not? We don’t realize that the same God who created us, created them. Kids are being bullied in school because they’re different and they suicide with a note that says, the society thinks i’m different and after all of this has happened, people cry in the memory of that boy. But the truth is that the same people led him to making his decision. Celebs who do surgeries and end up looking like freaks are considered trendsetters while something so normal is considered ugly and different. We just see our side of the story but what we don’t see is the people who actually go through all of this. All the pain and suffering they go through and blame themselves for being born into something like this and take the easy way out. It is not their choice that made them into who they are today. There are also so many people who respect these people and understand their suffering. Even though modern technology has surpassed and has outgrown beyond control. The small mind of some humans has not developed. The part that gets me every time is that this is the 21st century. We’re all humans and we’re all born with a certain purpose. There is no real freedom until we’re all equal. Break the barriers and spread love.


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