The Story Of An Orphan

Day after day he watched people coming and adopting kids of their choice in the orphanage he stayed in. To the other people they were just orphans in the orphanage but for the kids that stayed there, they had this certain unbreakable bond that was undefinable because they were the only source of love for them and a certain factor that gave them hope that one day they will be walking away from the building holding the hands of their new parents. He knew he was abandoned by his real parents. Despite the love the kids showed him, he always felt lonely because he felt he deserved to be happy like the other kids who have parents and who get everything they ask for but all he wanted was pure undying love. Is that so much to ask for? He always felt alienated staying in that place, he felt deep down that he did not belong over there. There was this anger building up inside him everyday because he blamed his original parents for abandoning him. It was not his fault that he got abandoned, he did not do anything that resulted him in getting abandoned. All he did was be born, was that his fault? That was not his decision. He did not ask for all of this. But that was his fate and he had to live with it. He stayed years in the orphanage since he was abandoned as a little kid. He saw kids come in alone and leave out with someone. But he stayed there watching them all. But one day something happened when he was almost on the brink of losing hope, a man came and he saw him. There was a little spark of hope in his heart but still he was in disbelief. The man wanted to adopt him and suddenly all of his sufferings seemed like a distant dream, this was his beginning. He had learn that, the man lost his wife and son in a car crash and he blamed himself all his life and he told me, I reminded him of his son and that by giving me a life, he wanted to reduce the burden of guilt and I went with him. I watched the sun blind my eyes as I walked down the steps of the building that gave me a home and sheltered me. As I begin my new life, I will not forget my past.

*Writer’s Note*

The point of this is that, kids need to appreciate what they have today. I saw two sides of a coin recently when a boy was crying because his father did not buy him an iPhone and a boy who was crying because he hadn’t eaten in days. People tend to see the things they don’t have rather than not appreciate what they already have. See the people below and feel blessed and not be jealous of the people above you.


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