In A Heartbeat

We’re lost in our own lives. We’re trapped in our painful past and our memories give us the key to escape into the present, yet we don’t see the bigger picture of our life. We surround ourselves with the feeling of being a pawn in the way the things work. But if we just take a little time and look around the miracles that take place we believe that our life itself is a miracle, the things we do and the things that happen to us all result in the way our life gets shaped. Walking down a busy street, you see people pass you, they don’t see the people around them, they just move and don’t look back. But if you just stop for a second and look at everyone around you, it’s amazing to notice that all these people have their own lives, their own choices, own responsibilities, own goals, own dreams, own fears and you’re just a dot in a day of their life. Why do we meet these people every day? People that we don’t know. But all of us are connected through time, A person who was born 15 years before you passes you by today, right now. It’s just amazing that even the little things that happen to us everyday can blow our minds. Despite all of our differences, we’re all together at that point and we realize that the world isn’t so small. 


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