The Story Of A True War Hero

She stood with her feet firm on the ground ready to take on whatever life threw at her. Holding her father’s hand she watched from far the park destroyed in front of her eyes. When she asked her father what happened, he said that soldiers dropped a bomb that destroyed her park and everything around it. She was shocked to hear this. All her life she lived in the same house, played in the same slide in the park and now it was turned to nothing. When her father explained to her why all of this happening, she thought it was ridiculous. She always knew that this war would bring them or the others no good. She was gripped with fear that something would happen to them but her father’s firm grip reassured her that everything will be okay. All their neighbors had flown from their area to shelter but no one cared for them. They stood alone watching Hell in front of their eyes everyday. The blood and the disfigured bodies in the streets used to scare her but now she got used to it. The war changed her like it does to everyone. She became stronger and she confided in her father. They had no place to go, they were trapped with a hope that they would not be a target of the bombings. Days and nights went by and there seemed to be no ending to this. Her father hardly slept because any minute they had to flee. But she hugged him and slept because she knew she was safe. She didn’t understand why humans did this to each other. She never did. None of us do.

*Writer’s Note*

With all the terrible things happening in Palestine, I wanted to write something relating to it. My words will not explain what they go through everyday because it is far worse. We all need to pray that this ends and that more people do not have to suffer like this. We need to look out for each other, it’s not that it is their country’s issue, it is a issue for humanity.


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