Stand For Something

Death walked with a scythe in his hand reaping what God sowed in the name of maintaining balance. Life is like a hourglass glued to the table. We live our lives with a fear of dying and in a hope that we will live long enough. We fail to realise that the time given to us is what we have to make the most of. We lose ourselves searching aimlessly for what’s about to happen, rather than look at the current scenario. We all have been given one shot at this and how the story is written is in our hands. When the final moment of goodbye is here, we wish for a few more years to live the way it’s supposed to be led but it’s too late. The impressions we make on the beach is washed away by the waves behind us, but if our impression is strong enough, it will take time to be washed away. We can make lots of mistakes on our own rather than get lost in a group. We have to stand up for something. As time goes by all that will be left is the memories you leave behind. From the minute you wake up, be yourself and live the day like it’s your last day. It’s not about getting wasted and waking up nowhere. Well it is if you want it to be. Let the journey take control of itself and when the final day flashes by, there won’t be any regrets.

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