Prejudiced Humanity

If only people understood this as given in the picture below the world won’t be as screwed as it is know. People are divided among themselves in so many ways that they fail to see the big picture, we are humans. Countless wars fought in different periods of time to prove what? Sure, we’re all power hungry in some way. There is something that makes us tick but we tend to push things a bit too far. For Centuries humans were made as slaves on the basis of their colour. It is not his choice to be born in the colour that you prefer. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous that people were actually kept a hundred steps below others in the hierarchy of humanity just on the basis of their colour? Even now in the modern day when people have learnt about this in their history textbooks still practice this discrimination to some extent. We just have to accept the fact that we’re humans and we’re flawed but judging us on the basis of what is merely our fate and cannot be chosen is stupid. We just got to take the past as a lesson and make sure we don’t do the same mistake. No matter what we feel and what we believe in, we’re all humans and we all need to embrace that and spread some love.

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6 thoughts on “Prejudiced Humanity

  1. Some things are so simple to understand that people mostly trend to ignore them. That’s human weakness. Nice reminder nonetheless.

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